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What we did

We knew that Kate and Helen love travelling and would welcome any opportunity to combine their work with a trip abroad. We also knew from our experience in rugby that Hong Kong has a very strong ex-pat business community that loves their sport and is always open to planning events around British athletes visiting the region. With this in mind we established contact with one of Kate and Helen’s acquaintances at the Hong Kong Football Club Hockey Club and formed a partnership to arrange a week long working trip for Kate and Helen to Hong Kong. In exchange for Kate and Helen’s attendance at a coaching day and celebratory dinner, the Hockey Club allowed us to tap in to their local network to arrange a series of paid corporate and school appearances.

What happened

Over the course of a week Kate and Helen completed a packed schedule of five corporate speaking events, with themes ranging from diversity and inclusion to leadership, resilience, teamwork and wellness at some of Hong Kong’s largest financial, retail and legal institutions. They also completed five school visits, speaking to classrooms full of diverse nationalities about their determination to win gold, the difficulties they faced during their careers and the vital importance of having diverse teams and everyone bringing their own strengths to achieve their very best together. By working to source, contract and logistically deliver the programme of events, tBt Management delivered a week that was not only financially rewarding but also personally fulfilling for Kate and Helen.

"It was really a fantastic event, with a number of senior leaders attending who have had overwhelmingly positive feedback. They both shared such genuine and relatable stories and takeaways that it really felt like a breath of fresh air in to our week."

Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong