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What we did

The mission of the GB Women’s Hockey team that won gold in Rio was ‘Be the Difference, Create History, Inspire the Future’. This last goal lies at the heart of Kate’s passion to work with young people and spread the joy, friendship and life lessons that sport can bring. Knowing Kate’s love of working with young people we sought out partnerships that would allow her to share the inspirational story of the women’s team and tap into Kate’s natural ability to connect with school children.

What happened

We created a partnership with Squadkit, the school sports uniform line of the Schoolblazer brand. With Kate named ‘Squadkit Performance Director’ the brand is able to use her name and image in marketing and communications, tap in to her technical expertise when creating new clothing designs, and most importantly use Kate as an ambassador to visit the large number of schools that Squadkit supplies. Through a number of appearances each year Kate is able to spend significant amounts of time with each school, delivering inspirational speeches, assemblies and hockey coaching, allowing young people to be inspired by the story of determination, team work and leadership that led Kate to the gold medal in Rio.

"Kate has had a wonderful career as a successful sportswoman and we absolutely love working with her as a Brand Ambassador for Squadkit. She is an exceptional partner to us in helping us bring to life what we wish to achieve as a brand. Her enthusiasm and love of sport makes her an immediate inspiration to our pupils and her passion and drive towards her goals, both personal and professional, is infectious."